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School Support & Safety

The office of School Support & Safety is a department within the Westminster School District’s Business Services Division. Our department:

  • Coordinates and monitors federally funded programs
  • Coordinates and analyzes state assessments and student data
  • Maintains student enrollment data and submits student data to state agencies
  • Provides support to schools on student discipline and attendance
  • Provides prevention services to all students related to behavior, attendance, health and academics
  • McKinney-Vento family support services
  • Provide and coordinate parent involvement and education events

Our goal is for every child in the Westminster School District to have an opportunity to realize his or her strengths so he or she may succeed academically in an environment that is physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically safe. We also provide opportunities for the students to learn life skills that allow them to be academically successful now and to equip them for a productive adult life in the future.