Information Technology » Cybersecurity Guidelines

Cybersecurity Guidelines


  • Do not open email messages from unknown senders
  • Avoid clicking on attachments or links in email messages from unknown senders
  • Never enter your email address on unfamiliar sites
  • Do not send sensitive data in an email message 
  • Be especially cautious of email messages that request immediate action, like an
    account is disabled, password is compromised, a mailbox is almost full, etc.

If you have ANY doubts about an email you received, please delete it immediately. 


Password Safety

  • Create and maintain a password that is at least twelve characters long and includes numbers,
    capital letters, and symbols
  • Do not use personal information, e.g., name, names of family members, phone numbers, or social media profile
  • Consider using a passphrase
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Avoid reusing the same password for multiple accounts
  • Do not write down passwords or display them on your monitor or desk
  • Avoid reusing a previous password when updating a password