Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Program

Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Program Overview

Our WSD Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Program integrates native English speaking and Vietnamese speaking, English language learning students in the same classroom and provides academic instruction through two languages, one of which is the primary language of each group (Vietnamese and English). The students will spend 50% of their day in English and 50% of their day in Vietnamese. The students learn a second language while they are learning content, which is very different than how most of us learned a second language. Many of us do not remember our second language, because we learned it out of context and in isolation (for example conjugating Spanish verbs). Students learn English Language Arts, Math and Social Studies in English.  They learn Vietnamese Language Arts, Science, and Visual/Performing Arts in Vietnamese.  They spend 50% of their day with each teacher.
The goals and research based benefits of dual language immersion are bilingualism, biliteracy, cultural proficiency, global citizenship, academic achievement in all subject areas, 21st century skills, increased family involvement and the Seal of Biliteracy Pathway Award attainment at third, fifth, and eighth grades (with the ultimate goal of the student graduating with the California Department of Education formally recognized Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma).
Community Partnerships
Our community partnerships ensure that our Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program will be an effective model program for others to follow.  We are grateful to the following community groups and organizations for their partnerships: National Resource Center for Asian Languages (NRCAL); Orange County Department of Education (OCDE); Westminster Vietnamese Language School; The Association of the Vietnamese Language & Culture Schools of Southern California; The Viet. Foundation; The Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce; Highline District & White Center Heights Elementary School, WA; Lakeside Union School District & Riverview Elementary School, CA; and all the members of our Vietnamese Language Textbook Committee.