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Pathways to Biliteracy Awards

WSD Pathways to Biliteracy Awards can be earned by any student who meets the biliteracy criteria set forth by OCDE in grades: Pre-K, Kindergarten (beginning 2015-2016), Third, Fifth or Sixth, and Eighth. Each of those years the students have an opportunity to earn a Pathways to Biliteracy ribbon, except in eighth grade where they can earn a medal. The ribbons and medals are free. OCDE has a sponsorship to cover the cost of all the Pathways to Biliteracy ribbons and medals. Our students would then go on to high school to possibly earn the State Seal of Biliteracy.

We are also very pleased to announce that, according to Tracey Gaglio (Coordinator of English Language Development and Multilingual Services at OCDE), Westminster School District is the first and only school district to formally adopt and offer the Pathways to Biliteracy program from preschool to eighth grade. Cheers to Westminster for leading the way once again! This is just something else that makes our district a district of choice for families all over Orange County.