Welcome to the Office of Language Acquisition (OLA)

The Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) is dedicated to serving the needs of Language Learners: English Learners, World Language, and Dual Language Immersion students.  We are committed to providing our Language Learners research based, high quality programs for the purpose of achieving English and World Language Proficiency.  We are devoted to supporting the parents, staff and community in their service to our English Learners and World Language Learners as well.
Westminster School District and the Office of Language Acquisition understand that in order for our students to be career and college ready, have an advantage for college admittance and scholarships, and be globally competitive they will need to be proficient in both English and another language.  Proficiency in more than one language enhances achievement and opportunities in life.  To achieve this Westminster School District offers the first Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program in California, as well as Spanish/English Dual Immersion and Spanish and Vietnamese World Language courses at our middle schools.
The Office of Language Acquisition also facilitates the District English Language Advisory Committee meetings and works to support parent education efforts.
Of the 9,503 students in Westminster School District, approximately 4,685 are designated as English Learners. Of these English Learners, 2,518 are native Spanish speakers and 1,995 are native Vietnamese speakers. There are 26 different languages spoken in Westminster School District with the top five as Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino and Korean.
For more information on the Office of Language Acquisition and services we provide, please use the contact information below.
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