Payroll Services

Westminster School District's Payroll department is part of Business Services with a commitment to provide accurate and timely compensation to the employees. We take pride in serving the district with fairness, honesty & professionalism.  
2021 Form W-2
Your 2021 Form W-2 is scheduled to be mailed by January 31, 2022. Your W-2's are also available on the Employee Information System (EIS) starting on January 14, 2022.
Employee Information System (EIS):
EIS provides all school district employees access to their pay stubs and W‐2 information through the web.
The EIS is now available and can be accessed by visiting:
Use your Email Address and Password to log into the system! If you need help to register, please use the EIS Quickstart guide for detailed instructions.
Jury Duty
Certificated Employee - Upon receipt of Jury summons, employee should immediately notify his/her supervisor. Certificated employee shall be granted leave of absence not to exceed 10 days when called for jury service in the manner prescribed by law. If an employee is able to postpone jury duty from the regular school year to a time outside the work year, they should submit following to the payroll to get paid at substitute rate of pay for each day of such jury service –
1. Original Jury duty notice
2. Proof of postponement if possible
3. Jury duty attendance certificate signed by the court
Classified Employee - Leave(s) of absence for jury service shall be granted to any classified employee who has been officially summoned to jury duty. Leave time shall be granted for the entire period of jury service. Employee should submit official Jury duty notice along with absence form to his/her immediate supervisor as soon as possible after it has been received. An employee should submit attendance certificate and any earnings report signed by the court upon completion of jury services.
When an employee is excused from jury duty with time to perform 2 or more hours of service, shall return to work so that combination of jury duty hours, travel time and work hours for the district do not exceed 8 hours per day.
Certificated Extra hours -
Certificated Extra hours and hours worked in excess of your base contracted hours.
Extra Hour Procedure -
All extra hours for certificated employees must be board approved first.
  1. After an employee has performed extra hour duty, they must complete a Form B-34 to report additional hours worked.
  2. The employee must complete the date and description of the work performed, the last 4 digits of teacher ID, Budget number,  and a copy of the Board Approval.
  3. Once completed, the employee must sign and date the form and submit to the appropriate administrator to review.
  4. The Administrator/Supervisor reviews, signs, and dates the timesheet and forwards to Payroll by the following deadline.
Retirement options other than CalPERS & CalSTRS 

403(b)s are retirement savings plans that allow employee contributions to grow tax-deferred or tax-free until withdrawn in retirement. A 403(b) plan for school employees is a supplement retirement plan similar to a 401(k) plan in that it’s an easy way to save for retirement and benefit from pretax or Roth salary deferrals.

403bCompare is a web tool for all employees of California’s school districts, community college districts and county offices of education as required by state law. provides up-to-date information on hundreds of vendors and products, including costs and performance history, to help you make better-informed investment decisions. To offer 403(b) investments in California, investment providers must register with, a Web site that offers details on each provider, including product lists, fees and other information related to your district. 


Westminster School District uses Schools First Credit union as third party administrator to handle these products. You can contact Schools First to get more information on their services at 800.462.8323 ext 4727.



Brett Heinbuch - Executive Director, Business Services
[email protected]         Ext. 1014  
Tatiana Garcia Business Services Supervisor
[email protected]                Ext. 1026
Maria Yaghoubi - Certificated Payroll Technician
[email protected]         Ext 1015                                      
Joe Cobo - Classified Payroll Technician (A-L)
[email protected]                   Ext. 1018
Sury Gil Classified Payroll Technician (M -Z)
[email protected]                       Ext. 1017