Accounting Services


The Westminster School District's Accounting Department is an integral part of Business Services with a commitment to support the District’s mission and goals of preparing all students to be world citizens in a changing and diverse society. Our financial services include: financial reporting, grants accounting, accounts payable, employee reimbursements, cash collections, billing and collections, service contracts and associated student body.


2021 Mileage Reimbursement

IRS has announced a change to the standard business mileage rate effective January 1, 2021. The standard mileage rate will be 56 cents per mile for all business miles driven. The district will use standard mileage rate to reimburse employees for automobile expenses incurred for business purposes.
For all the miles after 1/1/21 please use the " 2021 Mileage Reimbursement Form" located on the right side under " Forms".

Brett Heinbuch - Executive Director, Business Services
[email protected]         Ext. 1014  
Tatiana Garcia - Business Services Supervisor
[email protected]                Ext. 1026
Vacant - Accountant
SMAA Coordinator & LEA Billing 
Kim Lemus - Accounting Specialist
Business Plus
[email protected]               Ext. 1025 
Lauren Martinez - Intermediate Account Clerk
Accounts Receivable & Associated Student Body
[email protected]            Ext. 1023

Vacant - Intermediate Account Clerk
Accounts Payable

Vacant - Intermediate Account Clerk
Petty Cash & Revolving Cash (RCF)

For payment status inquiries or submitting invoices please email - [email protected]