Facilities Planning & MOT

Facilities Planning & MOT

Our Mission


The  Facilities Planning, Maintenance and Operations Department's mission is to provide the highest level of customer service.  We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and learning environment for our children and staff through services that maintain and preserve Westminster School District’s buildings and grounds, with a focus on safety, responsiveness, quality workmanship, and cost-effectiveness.


Westminster is committed to being responsible stewards of the earth's resources by significantly improving our energy efficiency and implementing the latest renewable energy technologies at our District sites.  We believe in preserving our environment for future generations and are proud to be leading by example.





Drinking Water Sampling

Required Drinking Water Testing AB746

The Westminster School District is proactive in protecting kids from lead in drinking water.  AB746 requires City Water Districts to test all schools water supplies by 2019.  As a proactive measure, the Westminster School District tested all drinking water sources on our campuses.  


State and Federal guidelines require notification to parents and community and corrective action be taken if lead is found in drinking water at levels of 15 parts-per-billion (pb) or higher.

We are pleased to report that the results of our testing were well below these standards and our drinking water is safe for our students.  In fact, the district is focused on maintaining guidelines that require drinking water to meet a strict level of less than 5 ppb in all of our schools, which is the same standard as the FDA requirement for bottled water!   We take pride in the upkeep of our Westminster School District Facilities and are pleased to be complying with the new regulations of AB746.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Facilities and Maintenance Department at 714-894-7311 ext. 1122.





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