Land School consists of a Preschool and Diagnostic Center for children with special needs, and it is also home to the Westminster School District’s Student Services Department. The Preschool consists of an Infant Program known as the Early Start Program and it serves students with disabilities up to the age of three years old. There are also three Special Day Classes for students that are three years old and older, and these classes are designed to address the unique needs of students ranging from mild-to-moderate to moderate-to-severe disabilities. The Diagnostic Center consists of a comprehensive assessment team that includes Special Education Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, an Adaptive Physical Education Teacher, and a School Nurse.
Land School serves as the hub of the Student Services Department for the Westminster School District. The Administrator of Student Services oversees the District’s Student Services Department and also serves as the Principal of Land School. The Student Service Department’s Parent Liaison is stationed at Land School and she is often the first point of contact for parents of children with special needs. The staff at Land School is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of children with special needs.

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