Expanded Learning

What is Expanded Learning?

Expanded Learning refers to after school programs that focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of pupils through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. Expanded Learning programs are pupil-centered, results driven, include community partners, and complement, but do not replicate, learning activities in the regular school day and school year.
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Expanded Learning Opportunities in WSD

Westminster School District offers several expanded learning programs throughout the district:

Extended School Program

Karen Ayala, Extended School Program Supervisor
Tel: 714-894-7311, Extension 1063
Peter Barajas, Extended School Program Supervisor
Tel: 714-894-7311, Extension 1075
Locations: DeMille, Clegg, Eastwood, Fryberger, Hayden, Meairs, Schroeder, Sequoia, Stacey and Willmore schools

*Free or reduced fee programs available. Must meet income eligibility requirements. For more information call the program office at 714-894-7311, Extension 1062.

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The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program is the result of the 2002 voter-approved initiative, Proposition 49. The ASES Grant funds provide for the establishment of tuition-free local after school education and enrichment programs. The program hours are from the end of school to 6:00 PM each day. These programs are created through partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment and safe constructive alternatives for students in kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8). Grants are awarded, to eligible applicants, for after school programs at school sites that have the highest percentage of students eligible for Free and Reduced Price Meals.


For the past eight years, eleven of our schools that met ASES grant eligibility requirements have been participating in after school programs provided by two community agencies at the following school sites:


Abrazar:  DeMille, Finley, Hayden, Johnson, Schmitt

Boys and Girls Club of Westminster:  Anderson, Fryberger, Meairs, Webber, Willmore and Warner


ASES PRIDE is not a daycare program and students must be referred to the program by school site personnel. Students are referred or invited to ASES PRIDE for targeted support based on the criteria for one or more of the following needs:  academic support, attendance, school connectedness, social skills and language development using CELDT scores.


For more information about ASES PRIDE, please contact Anne Pham at 714-898-8389, or you may email her at apham@wsdk8.us.