District Advisory Committee (DAC)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found on the  "Accountability Document Library"  page

District Advisory Committee (DAC)
The purpose of the District Advisory Committee (DAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to the school district and to serve as a communication link between the schools and communities which constitute the school district.
DAC delegates have the opportunity to:
  • Promote school activities
  • React to new school programs and activities
  • Encourage and promote District unity through support of districtwide programs and activities, and
  • Serve as a liaison between district and school sites with regards to student concerns, parent concerns, community concerns, administrative concerns, and local school concerns
In addition, DAC delegates have the opportunity and/or responsibility to provide community representation on a variety of districtwide committees which may be involved in activities such as:
  • Investigation and study of concepts (such as year-round schools, middle schools, community education, reporting systems, multicultural education, career education, minimum competency standards, etc.);
  • Selection of textbooks and instructional materials; and
  • Investigation of problems affecting schools and development of possible solutions
Calendar of Meetings

November 3, 2021 Virtual - 9:30A-10:30A
March 9, 2022 Virtual - 9:30A-10:30A
May 4, 2022 Virtual - 9:30A-10:30A