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Superintendent Message

Dear WSD Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! Every year there is always opportunities for academic growth and prosperity within our district. I am looking forward to another successful one, which is only possible because of our wonderful students, staff, teachers, administrators and families that collaborate to ensure the accomplishments of our students.


Our district continues to thrive under any circumstances, despite what may be happening locally, nationally or globally. We carry on with excelling in all of our departments to ensure success every year. The team effort is on constant display and is showcased through the myriad of programs we offer; from GATE, STEM/STEAM, AVID, Computer Science and the Dual Language Immersion Program. Our collective minds, beginning with our students, make us a powerhouse district. Excellence is not given, it’s achieved and we echo that through our passion to learn.


Last year, WSD received the prestigious recognition of the California Pivotal Practice Award Program. The CAPP recognizes districts and schools that implemented an innovative practice during the 2020–21 school year. Additionally, thirteen of our schools also earned the recognition: Anderson, Clegg, DeMille, Eastwood, Fryberger, Stacey, Johnson, Meairs, Schmitt, Schroeder, Sequoia, Webber, and Willmore. These accolades are only possible because of the diligent work from our teachers, students and staff. Our vision to “Build tomorrow’s leaders today” is a testament of how far we push the envelope to achieve success.


Another huge milestone we accomplished this year was our first cohort of Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion students promoted to middle school. Over two dozen students spent seven rigorous years at DeMille Elementary School to reach this achievement.  The goals of this program are bilingualism and biliteracy; high academic achievement; and sociocultural competence. In addition to these objectives, the students work hard on their pathway to biliteracy with the ultimate goal of graduating high school with the Seal of Biliteracy. Our district was the first in the state to provide a VDLI program back in the Fall of 2015. As we look ahead, the first cohort of Spanish Dual Language Immersion students at Willmore will promote in the Spring of 2023.


Schools like Schroeder College and Career Academy was recognized this past year as well. They finally became a full time College and Career Academy with focuses on GATE and AVID curriculum. Every trimester students are challenged to become experts in a specialized field of study. The Schroder Mustangs did not stop there with their achievements. Their sixth graders won first place overall in the Orange County Pentathlon which took hours of studying and tenacious work. A small victory for our students but a momentous event for our district that will set the precedence for other classes that follow.


We are deeply committed to providing the best education for your child. It is our top priority to ensure that they are inspired and encouraged to be successful in their journey through academia. I wish you a year filled with positivity, ambition and prosperity!


Warm regards,

Dr. Cyndi Paik