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Board Goals

WSD Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Building tomorrow’s leaders today.

Our Mission:

Prepare all students to be responsible, resilient, resourceful and productive world citizens in a changing and diverse society. 

WSD Board Goals:

Student Achievement

  • All students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, or gender will be prepared for college and career opportunities.
  • Optimize student learning by utilizing high quality teaching practices and innovative technologies.

Personal and Professional Growth

  • Empower all students to develop character, compassion, civility, and community consciousness.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to promote ongoing and continuous improvement.

Fiscal Stewardship

  • Students will be central to all fiscal decisions.
  • Ensure fiscal health through investing in today while planning for tomorrow.
  • Evaluate, monitor and ensure cost and performance effectiveness of programs, resources and services.

Learning Environment

  • All students and staff are provided with a safe, high-quality physical environment that promotes 21st century teaching and learning.
  • Students and staff will feel safe and respected, and will strive to promote positive connections.