Superintendent Message on School Safety

Here are some of the safety plans and procedures that we have in place:

  • All schools have comprehensive School Safety Plans that are reviewed every year to ensure student safety.
  • Each campus has a Crisis Response Plan that addresses school emergencies.
  • Lockdown procedures and safety drills are practiced on a regular basis.
  • All of our schools are closed campuses with appropriate fencing and lighting.
  • Visitors are required to check-in at all school sites.
  • The District has outstanding relationships with all law enforcement agencies that serve our attendance areas and we regularly coordinate drills with the WPD.
  • Policies on behavior, weapons, and dress code are strictly enforced.
  • We have systems in place to communicate quickly in case of an emergency, such as our automated phone message system, website, and social media.
  • Our schools have a variety of intervention programs that address students with emotional, academic, and/or social problems.
  • The BRAVE Program, which promotes personal safety and resilience skills, has been implemented at every school. Conflict Resolution Programs and Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) Programs are also offered.

The partnership and support that we have with our local law enforcement and school community is critical and we train parents, students and staff on our campuses to report any unusual or suspicious activity. If you see something, say something.  It is the best deterrent to potentially harmful situations.

Speaking to children about these tragedies can be difficult but here are a couple of resources to provide some support:

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Five tips to help children cope with a national tragedy

While your child is in our care, please know that they are in a safe learning environment and that we will continue to review and enhance our procedures in any way that we can to make sure that our schools remain safe and secure.

Dr. Gary Rutherford, Interim Superintendent