Mrs. Elaine Mizuo WSD's Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Mizuo’s philosophy on teaching and commitment to her students is eloquently revealed in an excerpt from her application for Teacher of the Year.  Here she describes the attributes of an outstanding teacher and, without a doubt, she is describing herself:

… An outstanding teacher exhibits proficiency in best practices and is one who is always a student him or herself, keeping abreast of current educational trends and one who actively seeks to keep current on educational research findings.  An outstanding teacher makes learning fun and in the process provides multiple opportunities for success, offering a rigorous program in which the students are capable of succeeding.  An outstanding teacher provides a program with built in student engagement and successes along with encouragement and support.  Students need to view school as a safe haven, therefore an outstanding teacher develops a culture of positive interactions among the students, and teaches them to celebrate the achievements of others as well as their own.  An outstanding teacher is a student of his or her students, and makes personalized connections with the child’s family.  An outstanding teacher instils a growth mindset in his or her students, and views each day with a growth mindset. An outstanding teacher has a lasting positive impact on their students’ lives.

Mrs. Mizuo exhibits all of the attributes she mentions that are necessary to be an outstanding teacher.  She is beloved by students, staff and parents who not only think of her as an exceptional teacher but as a role model, team player and mentor as well.

We are very proud to have Mrs. Mizuo represent the Westminster School District in the Orange County competition for Teacher of the Year and we are also proud of our Teachers of the Year that represent each one of our school sites.  Congratulations Mrs. Mizuo and all of our exemplary Teachers of the Year!


Anderson                        Ann Bui

Clegg                              Napoleon Dinh

DeMille                            Lisa Williams

Eastwood                        Elizabeth Williams Ross

Finley                              Melanie Rafkin

Fryberger                        Elisabeth Clarke

Hayden                           David Hubbard

Johnson                          Phil Hunter

Meairs                             Leslie Johnson

Schmitt                            Cheyenne Garvey       

Schroeder                        Donna Hilts

Sequoia                           Elaine Mizuo

Stacey                             Jordan Woodruff

Warner                            Sheila Peck

Webber                           Kateline Vu

Willmore                         Greg Van den Ordel