Ms. Michelle Manley WSD's Teacher of the Year

Ms. Manley’s philosophy on teaching and commitment to her students is eloquently revealed in an excerpt from her application for Teacher of the Year.  Here she describes the attributes of an outstanding teacher and, without a doubt, she is describing herself:

An outstanding teacher embraces a variety of attributes which go beyond the walls of academics.  An outstanding teacher is a team player; one that can easily collaborate with grade level teams as well as participate in vertical collaboration.  The teacher is reliable, approachable and willing to go beyond the requirements to help her students, team and school.  An outstanding teacher gives her everything to her class; her time, energy, money, love, patience, knowledge, joy, excitement, passion and love of learning.  She encourages those who feel hopeless and drives those who are determined to push themselves.  She celebrates both big and small successes with students’ achievements.  She makes learning fun, exciting and encourages students to think outside the box.  She is optimistic and can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Ms. Manley exhibits all of the attributes she mentions that are necessary to be an outstanding teacher.  She is beloved by students, staff and parents who not only think of her as an exceptional teacher but as a role model, team player and mentor as well.

We are very proud to have Ms. Manley represent WSD in the Orange County competition for Teacher of the Year and we are also proud of our Teachers of the Year that represent each one of our school sites.  Congratulations Ms. Manley and all of our exemplary Teachers of the Year!

School Site Teachers of the Year

Anderson Elementary - Erika Bradley

Clegg Elementary - Michelle Manley

DeMille Elementary - Linda Griffith

Eastwood Elementary - Keturah Prom

Finley Elementary - Stephanie Perry

Fryberger Elementary - Amy St. Clair

Hayden Elementary - Kristen Flores

Johnson Middle - Jason Carey

Meairs Elementary - Jenae Carratello

Schmitt Elementary - Tien Nguyen

Schroeder Elementary - Ami Briscoe

Sequoia Elementary - Nini Ha

Stacey Middle - Karla Doyle

Warner Middle - Beverly Ziegler

Webber Elementary - Cindy Bess

Willmore Elementary - Diana Jago