WSD Teacher of the Year

We are very proud to have Ms. Schubert represent the Westminster School District in the Orange County competition for Teacher of the Year and we are also proud of our Teachers of the Year that represent each one of our school sites.  Congratulations Ms. Schubert and all of our exemplary Teachers of the Year! 

Anderson - Francis Guerrero

Clegg - Seng Chang

DeMille - Melody Murray

Eastwood - Kym Slingerland

Finley - Stephanie Perry

Fryberger - Marisa Angeles

Johnson - Marjorie Schubert

Meairs - Debbie Zaragoza

Schmitt - Christina Cota

Schroeder - Barbara Griffith

Sequoia - Hanh Huynh

Stacey - Thuy Phan

Warner - Karen Findlay

Webber - Denise Brown

Willmore - Kristin Pyle